Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Paulino: My bad; Lindstrom: Lucky hits

The two relievers responsible for the Nationals' 7-run 8th inning talked about the inning:

Paulino, on his hanging curve that Pudge bounced off the foul pole:
"I take responsibility for that one. I don't know what I'm thinking at that moment, but I make a really bad pitch in that situation. ... I know I have the pitches to beat this guy. It was a bad pitch to Pudge. ... I make a big, big mistake throwing that curveball. That was a bad pitch at a bad moment. You could see how on my first two pitches, he chased my pitches. The next one, I throw a really bad curveball in a really bad location. You pay for that."

"A couple of them were broken bats, but they were able to get the bats on them. We weren't able to stop the inning and they were able to keep it going with some balls that leaked through and some balls that fell in."