Thursday, September 9, 2010

More on that game-ending out at home

The Troy Record has further information on Batavia's game-ending play at the plate:

Jacke Healey, who was the one thrown out:
“I didn't see it. I picked up Panks (coaching third base) as I was coming to third and he said, ‘go hard, run hard.’ I never slowed down. When I was coming in (to the plate), the catcher was maybe two steps to the left of the plate and it looked like that's where the throw was going to take him, so if I made a good slide to the inside of the plate, I probably would have been safe. But as soon as I started to brake down and slide, he cut me off to the plate. The throw must have taken him right where I was going. I didn't even see the throw.”

“That was quite a grenede he threw in there,” ValleyCats manager Jim Pankovits said of Bergman's throw. “In hindsight, though, that was probably the only way he could throw (Healey) out, keep it out of the grass. It was obviously pretty much right on line. They had to execute right there to keep us from tying it (and they did).”