Friday, September 3, 2010

Jack Shuck is a walking Springsteen album

Perhaps setting a record for the most times one person has been called "gritty" (or a variation thereof) in a single article, we learn about Jack Shuck.

Father Jack (who, despite my own label, is not a priest):
"He's hard-nosed with his work ethic. Guys play it for fun, but J.B. plays it because that's what he wants to do. There were a lot of times when he was younger he had the opportunity to go swimming with the guys or play Nintendo with guys, but he would rather be on the ball field. I remember throwing batting practice to him when he wanted the extra work."

Shuck, himself:
"You see a zero in the homerun column. That's not my job. I'm trying to get on base any way I can. Then, I'm trying to steal a bag or go first to third. I always liked watching Kenny Lofton play. Being from Ohio, I was a big Indians fan growing up, and I loved the way he played - the way he covered center field, and the way he hit the ball."