Saturday, September 25, 2010

Greeneville Astros: Telvin Nash

Telvin Nash
How did he get here?: Drafted, 2009 (3rd Round)
Stats: 6'1" 230 lbs, Bats: Right Throws: Right
Hometown/Birthplace: Griffin, GA
Age as of April 1, 2011: 20
Position: LF
2010 Men of the Match: 8

2010 Overview

(Cumulative: Greeneville + Tri-City)



What happened?

2010 was probably more what the Astros thought they were getting when drafting Nash in the 3rd round last year.

As we mentioned last year, it took Nash a little while to get going - 15 of his 31 hits in 2009 came in August, and he picked up about where he left off.

His strongest month of the 2010 season came in July, when he hit .273/.367/.610, with a perfectly lucky .302 BABIP, and he was hitting .265/.348/.515 when he got sent up to Tri-City to help with the playoff push.

In Tri-City, he made an immediate impact, hitting .308 with a .769 SLG (three of his four regular-season hits were for extra-bases).

In his 2009 recap, we discussed his less-than-stellar defense in left field, and that carried over to this year as Nash committed seven errors for an .891 Fld%. However, the Astros have shown the willingness to pay heavy-hitting/poor-defending left fielders over $100 million. So I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Nash led the Gastros in hits (with Chris Wallace), home runs (12), RBIs (39), total bases (103), and was named Team MVP by the Gastros.

What went right?

Hitting lefties. Nash couldn't hit much of anybody last year, but he posted a .217/.315/.326 line against LHP in 2009. This year, however, benefitting from a .388 BABIP, he hit .300/.345/.588 against lefties.

July. Nash was 21x77 with two doubles and eight homers in July, hitting .273/.367/.610.

Starting pitching. Nash blew up opposing starting pitchers in 2010. While his OPS against relievers was .597, he hit the starters to the tune of .342/.417/.658 for a 1.075 OPS.

What went wrong?

Not much. But if we're going to pick a couple of things, one would be hitting late in games. In the 7th-end innings, Nash was 5x62 with 28K:6BB. This is incredible, as in the 1st-3rd innings, he was 23x69 and in the 4th-6th innings, he was 25x69.

Hitting RHP. He still had a robust .817 OPS against RHP, but hit .242/.350/.467 with 38K:20BB.

Appy Astros says:
His arm is not impressive. He takes interesting routes to balls. On the bright side, he was better this year than last year. He only made one more error this year than last year in twice as many chances... If he shows improvement over the instructional league time and in spring training, I could see him in Lexington.

Hard to disagree with that. I'd like to see the Astros push him to Lexington, as he'll be 20 on Opening Day 2011. Tri-City is a possibility, but he's had two seasons of short-season experience, let's see how he does in a 140+ game season.