Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bourgeois knows his role, wants to fill it here; Castro focusing on adjustments

In McTaggart's Notebook, we find that Bourgeois realizes he's probably going to be OF4 anywhere, and would rather do that in Houston.

"I would love to come back here. It's the No. 1 place I (want) to be. The role I would be in would be a fourth outfielder coming off the bench, and I'd rather do it here at home. I haven't talked to them yet, but we'll see when the season ends. I'm playing right now and am focusing on that and will deal with the rest later."
We also hear from Brad Mills on the effort of Jason Castro:
"He's done a real good job. We've talked about his aptitude for the game and his willingness and desire to learn. When he got to the big leagues [in June], he had to learn a full pitching staff, and that was amazing. Offensively, it's going to be a continuing learning process for him...

...You try to give [rookies] as many at-bats as you can to give them the opportunity to see where they are, how much of a learning process it's going to take, until they become the kind of hitter they're capable of becoming."

This is echoed in Zach Levine's Notes Column. Castro:
"Coming into this year, there were some adjustments that I tried to make and they never really took hold. It's just part of the game, making adjustments and seeing how they work, and if not, you go from there. I think I'm kind of at the point where I tried to make some adjustments and they weren't necessarily successful for me, so I'm moving on and staying positive. I've definitely learned a lot...

..."That's what I need is to take time and pound things out without having to implement them in the game right away, so this offseason's going to be really big for me as far as really fine-tuning some things."

Over his last 28 days, Castro is hitting .244/.320/.311 for a .631 OPS - 57 points higher than his 2010 total. The problem is facing lefties. Castro is hitting an astounding 3x39 (.077/.143/.103) with a .115 BABIP against LHP. Also - and this, I imagine, will come with time, but if he's going to get a hit, it's probably going to be the first time he sees the pitcher. His OPS declines from .615 to .612 to .523 as he faces the same pitcher, respectively.

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