Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bud Norris still has promise

ESPN's Jason Grey has an (Insider-only) article on ESPN on the promise of Bud Norris.

"I've had an opportunity over the last year to watch [Roy] Oswalt, [Brett] Myers and Wandy [Rodriguez] and how they go about their business on and off the field, and you pick up things here and there. I want to prove to this clubhouse and this team I can do it time in and time out. For me, it's about game management. You're going to get yourself into situations. It's how you get in and out of those situations. I feel stuff-wise I can go out and have four good innings, but in that fifth inning, I need to make sure I go out and have another good inning. Sometimes there's that balloon effect or snowball effect where I can make it a four-run inning instead of a two-run or one-run spot. Controlling those situations is a big part of it for me."

Fastball command has also been a problem for Norris this year. His slider has been excellent, but locating his fastball in the strike zone or at times even throwing it for strikes has been an issue. Norris needs to repeat his delivery a little better and keep his front side from flying open too soon, leaving his stuff flat and up...

...Norris doesn't have the overall numbers this season, but I'm obviously a big fan of his arm and think he has a bright future. Regardless of his eventual role, he's a pitcher I'm going to continue to monitor closely for 2011.

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