Friday, September 24, 2010

Astros again sit and watch Barret Loux throw a baseball

For the second time in a week, the Astros were in attendance for Barret Loux's second throwing session in College Station, along with the Marlins, Rangers, Cubs, Twins, Giants, Brewers, Phillies and Mariners (according to Brian McTaggart).

"Things went about the same, similar velocity on the fastball and breaking pitches. [I] found myself breaking my hands later than I should so control wasn't quite as good as normal, but overall a decent bullpen [session]."

Loux's agent Tom Little:
"I think it's important for them to come out, with what's gone on here the last few months, and see him healthy. Just primarly see how he looks and how hard he's working...

"...I think the offers from the clubs that have interest in Barret will start coming in in October and try to get the thing wrapped up and get Barret placed with a club. I think the four or five clubs that have a lot of interest are going to jump out and then hopefully the right fit for Barret."

Loux, on the Astros' interest:
"That's pretty cool. That's where I've grown up. It's the team I grew up around. so it's definitely interesting."

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