Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wates signs, nobody else does

So the Astros went above slot to sign Austin Wates to a reported $550,000 bonus last night.

Meanwhile, $1 million + apparently wasn't enough to draw Adam Plutko away from UCLA.

Bobby Heck, on the players who didn't sign:

"We exhausted all avenues with the players that we believed were ready to begin their respective professional careers. There were a handful of offers on the table up until the signing deadline that would be viewed as significant, but those players chose college as the next step in their baseball development."

Then Heck goes the Job Security route:

"The work of this scouting staff can not be understated as they have not only identified the talent, signed the players but our scouts also recognized and valued the character, work ethic, and desire of these prospects. Today was another step forward for the Houston Astros organization, and I cannot say enough about the continued support of our front office leadership and our owner Drayton McLane."

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