Thursday, August 26, 2010

More on that JetHawks no-hitter

Nice write-up at MiLB on the JetHawks' no-hitter against Lake Elsinore last night.

Starting Pitcher Robby Donovan:
"My fastball was working real well. I was locating it really well. I had a few good changeups...Actually, I was tired as hell at the end. I was just dead. I walked those two guys at the end, but I felt good the whole time before that." "

David Carpenter:
We were looking up at the scoreboard and saw that big fat zero up on the board. He threw really, really well and set the tone for the entire game. He came out there and did his job. It wasn't really the pressure of keeping a no-hitter alive as much as keeping runs off the board. It was a tie game when I came in with runners on second and third."