Monday, August 16, 2010

Kirk Bohls: Oklahoma City isn't a slam dunk for the New Express

The Austin American-Statesman's Kirk Bohls' Sunday night column is up, and we find out that we shouldn't just assume that the Rangers and Astros will trade Triple-A affiliates:

Once the Express sign on with the Texas Rangers as their Triple-A affiliate sometime next month, bet on this: The Astros may have trouble trying to win the rights to put their Triple-A farm club in the Rangers’ old base, Oklahoma City. The Marlins just re-upped for another two seasons with New Orleans, leaving the Astros few choices. The Brewers may be looking to pull their Triple-A team out of Nashville.

So we asked Bohls:
How likely is Nashville for the Astros' AAA affiliate?

And he replied:
I think pretty likely. Not sure how many options Astros will have.

The Constable texted me this morning and already has, indeed, crapped his pants.


Appy Astros Fan said...

Express in Nashville would be fine with me.

Subber10 said...

I'd be pumped! Hmm...Season tickets for me? Maybe!