Monday, August 16, 2010

Kirk Bohls: Oklahoma City isn't a slam dunk for the New Express

The Austin American-Statesman's Kirk Bohls' Sunday night column is up, and we find out that we shouldn't just assume that the Rangers and Astros will trade Triple-A affiliates:

Once the Express sign on with the Texas Rangers as their Triple-A affiliate sometime next month, bet on this: The Astros may have trouble trying to win the rights to put their Triple-A farm club in the Rangers’ old base, Oklahoma City. The Marlins just re-upped for another two seasons with New Orleans, leaving the Astros few choices. The Brewers may be looking to pull their Triple-A team out of Nashville.

So we asked Bohls:
How likely is Nashville for the Astros' AAA affiliate?

And he replied:
I think pretty likely. Not sure how many options Astros will have.

The Constable texted me this morning and already has, indeed, crapped his pants.