Thursday, August 12, 2010

J.D. Martinez: Actually, maybe he is video-game good

Yesterday Zach Levine said that J.D. Martinez was still good, just not video game good, like he was in Lexington. But let's take a look.

*After 26 games in Corpus, he's leading the team in OPS (.351/.422/.515 for a .937 OPS), by 44 points (Clemens - .893).

*Martinez' first 16 games: .262/.318/.361, with three XBH, 15K:5BB.

*Martinez' last ten games: .500/.581/.778, with six XBH, 5K:6BB.

*Yeah, that's a 1.359 OPS in his last ten games.

*With Runners in Scoring Position (35 ABs): .314/.385/.514


OremLK said...

A 4-for-5 game with a double can have a tendency to make that kind of difference in this sample size.

Yesterday, he didn't have video game numbers.

Today, on the other hand...

Andrew said...

More importantly, how has his defense been? Isn't that the only thing holding him back at this point?

OremLK said...

I've heard reports that he is an underrated athlete and is actually pretty solid in terms of his tools. Just needs to work on his routes and jumps in the outfield, which can occasionally be iffy.

But no, what's holding him back, if by which you mean preventing him from being in the majors already, is that this is his first full professional season and he has only played 26 games above low A. Heh.