Thursday, August 12, 2010

J.D. Martinez: Actually, maybe he is video-game good

Yesterday Zach Levine said that J.D. Martinez was still good, just not video game good, like he was in Lexington. But let's take a look.

*After 26 games in Corpus, he's leading the team in OPS (.351/.422/.515 for a .937 OPS), by 44 points (Clemens - .893).

*Martinez' first 16 games: .262/.318/.361, with three XBH, 15K:5BB.

*Martinez' last ten games: .500/.581/.778, with six XBH, 5K:6BB.

*Yeah, that's a 1.359 OPS in his last ten games.

*With Runners in Scoring Position (35 ABs): .314/.385/.514