Friday, August 27, 2010

Call-up time!

The Astros are discussing just who they're going to bring up on Wednesday, when the rosters expand to 40. We know two things from McTaggart's article: one will be a pitcher, and the other will be a catcher.

"Another catcher would be huge, and being able to get a couple of arms, especially with the games we've been in the last week where they've really exhausted our bullpen, would be great."

"I've already made up my mind it's going to be less than a handful of moves. We're getting guys back healthy with Lindstrom and Keppinger and still have a chance to get [Felipe] Paulino back. I'm just not a believer in using September as a reward or just stocking up the bench to have 27 moves to make. We have enough depth here."

Personally, and since you read Astros County you get our personal thoughts, I think trying to get Paulino back this season is a big mistake. Just let him heal and bring him back in 2011.

Keppinger and Lindstrom, who will come back at some point towards the beginning of September, will be heading to Corpus for rehab appearances.

Possible pitchers to come up would be Wesley Wright and Chris Sampson, who are already on the 40-man roster. Wright is currently on the 7-Day DL, but his injury wasn't supposed to be considered serious (though he hasn't pitched since August 13). Sampson has a 3.18 ERA (and a .349 BAA) in his last ten games.

For catchers, neither Brian Esposito or Edwin Bellorin are on the 40-man, but McTaggart astutely notes that the Astros could transfer Moehler to the 60-Day DL and free up a roster spot. There's a possibility that Jordan Lyles could come up, as well.

Newly-acquired Matt Downs is on the 40-man, but with the return of Keppinger, I don't see him coming up to Houston. And also personally, I would like to see September call-ups used as a reward. Brian Bogusevic would be a nice choice. He's on the 40-man roster, and he's hitting .283/.371/.425 in 127 games for Round Rock. Drew Locke has played well, too - collecting an .843 OPS in 125 games.

Do you agree or disagree with Wade's September Call-Up philosophy?

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OremLK said...

My money is on Downs, Bogusevic, Esposito, Wright, and Sampson. Hopefully Lyles will but shut down for the season.