Sunday, August 15, 2010

Buster Olney takes notice of the shift in Houston

Buster Olney's Insider-Only post takes notice of what's going on in Houston:

There is hope in Houston, in a way there hasn't been the last couple of seasons, when an aging team was dragged down by enormous contractual obligations. There is hope in the collection of young players that Oswalt and Berkman left behind.

Call it inexperience, or call it naivete, or call it necessary growth. But the new Astros are having fun, and having some success. "We don't have too many guys who have that much time in the big leagues," said Brett Wallace, who joined Houston in the flurry of trades made right before the deadline. "For a lot of us, we're all getting a chance to get our first significant playing time, our first opportunity. We play with a lot of energy; we can all buy into that."

As previously mentioned, we have an ethical problem giving you all the nuggets from a pay-article, but if you're not an Insider, it's well worth it.

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