Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ben Heath called up to Lexington

It looks as though Tri-City catcher Ben Heath has been called up to Lexington, replacing an unnamed injured catcher. It was apparently bittersweet for Heath, who was in State College - the home of his collegiate career:

“It’s a little bit bittersweet because you’re excited to go up to the South Atlantic League. I was looking forward to (returning to Penn State), but I have to let that go and do the best with the opportunity I have.”

And manager Jim Pankovits doesn't agree 100% with the decision:
“I think he’s right on course. He probably would have been best served if he stayed down here, but it’s not going to hurt him to go up there and see that level of play also and see what’s at stake maybe for next year. He may be back, he may not.”

Pankovits, on Heath:
“Defensively he was making a lot of progress. Offensively he was kind of hot and cold, but you’re going to have that with a power hitter like he is. I think he’ll improve as he gets more comfortable. I think he’s got the type of personality where he is laid back and quiet. I think as soon as he sees that he belongs — wherever he’s playing — he’ll improve.”