Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Astros to call up 5

McTaggart blogs that the Astros will call up five players on Wednesday. And the lucky five are 1B/OF Brian Bogusevic, IF Matt Downs, RHP Henry Villar, LHP Wesley Wright and C Brian Esposito.

Surprised? Admittedly the call-up of Villar was unexpected (as was the non-call of Chris Sampson), but other than that not particularly.


John Bateman said...

Wright can't pitch, Downs and Esposito can't hit. Good thing Wade does not believe in bringing up players as a reward considering these players do not deserve one.

Anonymous said...

Yea, good call, Bateman. Why the Astros believe in not using September as a reward is so bogus. Other teams do! No wonder their minor league system is in the toilet - if the players don't have at least a September call-up to work hard for, what do they have? There's no incentive for these guys to have great minor league numbers and stick around. It's a joke. Wright has a 6 something ERA, can't be a starter. Espo and Downs can't hit and are average at best.
I've attended most of the RR games and have seen guys like Banks and Van Hekken (spell?) pitch their butts off on a team that rarely wins. Banks' numbers are STILL better than most of the pitchers called up considering he's got horrible players behind him. The Astros are clueless about what they've got in a pitcher like him.