Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why hasn't Oswalt been traded? Because the front office can barely tie their shoes

Or, at least that's according to Richard Justice. In a 42,000 word (approx.) manifesto, Justice lays out myriad reasons (yes, that's the proper way to put it) on why Oswalt hasn't been traded, but spends more time talking about Brian Bogusevic, the 2000-2007 drafts, and how the Astros have handled the Roy negotiations. So why hasn't Roy been traded? I'm not sure that question is answered...

Know this: If Oswalt takes the mound as scheduled Friday night, the odds of him being traded are down to almost nothing. Wade might then look to trade Myers, which will be easy to do, but bring fewer players.

I'll disagree. I think the Astros try to set the franchise record, and then ramp things up on Friday night/Saturday morning. But what do I know?