Monday, July 26, 2010

Stark: The Astros have negotiated themselves into a 30% chance of trading Roy

Jayson Stark's new trade deadline piece focuses on Roy and how the Astros have handled his negotiations.

An official of one team estimated Monday that, based on how the Astros' trade talks have been progressing (or not), he thinks there's no better than a 30-percent chance that Oswalt gets dealt this week.

An executive of another club said: "I've thought it was about a 50-50 shot the whole time. I might go a little more than 50-50 now, but not much more..."

...McLane, the source said, "has a tightrope to walk." He's a man consumed by what his public thinks of him. So he can't come out of this looking like he's "cheap." And he's determined not to come out of this with his fans accusing him of not caring about winning.

So "the key," the source said, "is for Drayton to be able to brag about what he got in return."

Excuse me while I go attach a garden hose to the tailpipe...


Andrew said...

Hey Drayton, if you want people to like you, get out of the way and let Wade do what he needs to to get this club back on track. Once the team starts winning again, you'll feel the love--trust me.

OremLK said...

Well, there's one simple way for him to not look cheap and be able to brag about what he got in return:

Include lots of money in the deal to get a couple of blue chip prospects.

If those two things are really his concern--well, I'm waiting, Drayton.

John Royal said...

Dear Drayton:

If you want us to love you, you would fire Ed Wade and bring in someone competent to run the ballclub.