Thursday, July 22, 2010

St. Louis media is jumping all over this Roy character

Bernie Miklasz has a new article weighing the Pros and Cons of trading Roy Oswalt. While I dislike the Cardinals with the fire of 1,000 suns (and the Cubs with the fire of 998 suns), I do enjoy their beat reporters and their bloggers.

First Miklasz:
If he is desperate to get to St. Louis and wants to restructure his contract in a major way to make his escape from a depressing situation in Houston, this could happen. Without a serious contract revision, I wouldn't take the speculation seriously. My connections were downplaying the possibility this morning, because the Oswalt contract math is bad math for the Cardinals. And if the Astros make ridiculous demands, the Cardinals won't make this deal. But perhaps Oswalt will pressure Houston management to get this done. Because he has the contractual power to veto trades and could use this to push his way to STL.

Miklasz's "Why it Makes Sense:"
-Roy is still good, and there hasn't been a decline. Yet.
-Adding Oswalt would mean that Jaime Garcia is, at worst, SP4.
-That's one heckuva playoff rotation.
-If the Cardinals don't think they can re-sign Pujols, then they need to go for a title run this year.
-Oswalt doesn't have any ego issues. Unless you call being a titty-baby an ego issue. Then there's a minor one.

Miklasz's "Why it Doesn't Make Sense:"
-Payroll, if the Cardinals do re-sign Pujols.
Perhaps Oswalt will do a massive restructuring to help the Cardinals out. Again, I have no idea. Yes he wants to pitch here. That much already has been established. But that doesn't mean he's going to give up a bunch of money. If Oswalt is willing to sacrifice a lot of money, then Cardinals fans would have even more reasons to love him.

-Oswalt's back problems could crop up at any moment.
-This is no way to run a franchise, trading prospects for 30-something veterans. (See: Astros, Houston.)
-The Cardinals really need offense.

That's one more Pro than Con, according to Miklasz.