Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soon-to-be-single Frank McCourt may test bachelorhood by adding payroll

ESPN Los Angeles' Tony Jackson checked in on the Dodgers to see what the heck they're doing these last ten days of July.

At any rate, there are strong indications Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, who is embroiled in an expensive, high-profile divorce that is widely suspected of sapping the team's operating budget, is willing to add to the club's current $83 million payroll to bring in a significant piece at the July 31 deadline.

That doesn't necessarily mean a starting pitcher, though. With the Dodgers' bullpen having imploded in recent days and outfielders Manny Ramirez and Reed Johnson on the disabled list -- both are expected back fairly soon, but there are no guarantees, of course -- the Dodgers ultimately might decide to upgrade other areas instead.

GM Ned Colletti:
"Pitching continues to be our priority. With Manny going down and Reed Johnson still out, we might look at trying to shore up our outfield as well."

Roy is going to be at the top of nearly every buyer's list, until Roy demands that he only get red M&Ms in his locker, and that Manny hand-squeeze his lemon, till the juice runs down his leg...

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