Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Post-Dispatch: Screw Oswalt, the Cardinals should make a run at Brett Myers

Obviously impressed by last night's performance, Jeff Gordon of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wants the Cardinals to make a run at Myers, whom we Astros fans don't have a sentimental (love/hate, tiredhead) attachment to. Unlike Oswalt.

Cards manager Tony La Russa has expressed admiration for Myers, noting how he became a much better pitcher after suffering injuries. Rather than trying to overpower hitters, Myers is working them with a variety of pitches.

Myers may be more of a finesse pitcher now, but he oozes mental toughness. Pitching coach Dave Duncan would love to have another veteran like this...

...The Cards know what the Astros need from earlier trade conversations, so Mozeliak should take the plunge and get Myers in the rotation in time for Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh.

Trading top pitching prospect Shelby Miller for a journeyman like Myers makes no sense, but the Cards should be prepared to deal from their surplus of major-league ready players.

A journeyman who has played for two teams in nine years, that's a new one. But it's still a valid point.

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OremLK said...

Honestly, even though the Cardinals are a much better trade partner for Myers than they are for Oswalt, I still don't want to trade with them. Their farm system sucks so the Astros are going to wind up getting lowballed. The only prospect they have that I really want is Miller, anyway, and they won't give him up for a rental.

There are a few other semi-decent guys but nothing to get excited about. Seems like Wade might have a shot at getting a top 100 prospect if he deals with a team who has a deep farm system and multiple guys in the top 100.