Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Four Quarters of 2010

Sometimes it gets a little mind-numbing, to take each game at face value, and ignore the trends that an entire season can provide. So let's look at how the season has gone so far - 25 games at a time.

Batting Stats

Time FrameW-LRuns/GmAvg/SLG/OBPK:BB rateXBH%

Pitching Stats

Time FrameW-LRunsAll/GmERA/WHIPK:BB rateInher. Run%

A couple of things we should note:

*The Astros haven't gone through a 25-game span where they've actually averaged more runs per game than their opponent.

*They were 12-13 when posting their worst numbers as a pitching staff (helped by almost half of the inherited runners scoring. Thanks, bullpen.), and they were 12-13 when posting their best numbers as a pitching staff.

*Over the last 50 games, the Astros are 24-26.

Since June 1, here are your updated NL Central standings:

Milwaukee: 27-24
Cincinnati: 26-24
St. Louis: 25-23
Houston: 24-25
Chicago: 22-27
Pittsburgh: 14-33

The problem is, from the start of the season to May 31, the standings were as such:

St. Louis: 30-22
Cincinnati: 30-22
Chicago: 24-18
Milwaukee: 21-30
Pittsburgh: 21-31
Houston: 17-34

Typically, the Astros got off to such a lousy start, and don't have much to work with in the first place, that this season is pretty much done. So Astros: Pretty please, with a cherry on top. Trade the players.

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AstroBrit said...

Our OBP has at least shifted upwards after the first half when half the team basically wasn't drawing any walks.