Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Phillies "likely" out on Roy

Well, Roy, if you wanted to force the Phillies to say "Screw it," you just may have done it.

David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that the Phillies may be looking at other trade possibilities:

Roy Oswalt, the top remaining starting pitcher available on the trade market, does not want to play for the Phillies, FoxSports.com reported in a story that cites a source "with direct knowledge of his thinking." That report jibed with others that have trickled out over the past few days, most of which named St. Louis as his preferred destination.

So, in essence, this is a report confirming another report, and it could be that Ruben Amaro is giving Ed Wade the ol' nut-squeeze and is trying to back the Astros into a corner. And it could also be that nobody knows what's going on.