Monday, July 19, 2010

"Nothing near imminent" on the trade front

Dave Dalati has a new post up at FSH on the trade market for Roy and Lance, and it's not pretty:

Perhaps this is the week that Brian Cashman makes the call to 501 Crawford and inquires about Roy Oswalt. But, to this point, Cashman has shown no interest in the Astros right hander. It’s unclear if Oswalt would even consider waiving his no-trade clause for the Yankees.

Quick aside: Yes, Roy would probably waive his no-trade clause to go to New York:
"From the very beginning, I said an organization that wants to win. The Yankees surely want to win. Actually, I'd be excited to pitch over here (in the AL).

On Berkman:
The chances of Lance Berkman being moved appear even more remote. Most good teams have a productive first baseman already...Throw in Berkman’s sub-par season and the odds are strongly against a trade. Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman remain Astros today not because management has refused to consider a move. You can advertise a home for sale, but someone has to want that home and be willing to pay something near a fair price. The moods and whims of General Managers and Owners can change rapidly. But, as of this posting, no deal for Oswalt or Berkman is even near imminent.