Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Trade Delmon Young for Roy!

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune's Jim Souhan lays out a compelling argument for why the Twins need to trade for Roy. New field, recent swoon, easy division, etc. However, his trade piece is interesting - 24-year old Delmon Young.

His three reasons for why this would work:

Young may never have more value, and whatever wonderful reviews he has prompted this season, he still may not be worthy of the franchise's trust, considering that his fielding has again become shoddy and that he's still less than a year removed from the day when he tried to charge into his own dugout to beat up Jose Mijares.

Replacing a corner outfielder is much easier than finding an ace.

The Twins' rotation is awful now, and it may not be better next year. The Twins' most reliable starter is Carl Pavano, the one starter who isn't guaranteed to be here next year, and there are no starting pitching prospects who promise to dramatically upgrade the rotation by Opening Day 2011.

Hm, so...making an outfielder - one making $2.6 million in an arbitration year - the centerpiece of a deal on a team with three entrenched outfielders (and Brian Bogusevic praying for an injury). One whose defense isn't very good, and who tried to beat up a reliever. He sounds great.


OremLK said...

Um, yeah, I don't see it. At all.

Curt Schilling said...

Seeing as Eddie traded me to Arizona for Travis Lee and Omar Daal, I would say this trade is a big possibility.