Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Astros haven't approached Roy...yet

Bernardo Fallas has an article about Roy and the possibility of being traded, and as far as Roy knows, there's nothing that's about to go down.

Oswalt said the team has yet to approach him or his agent, Bob Garber, with a trade proposal. He is mindful of the possibility that one might not come this season.

"They told me they'd come to me first and tell me what they had on the table, and they haven't."

Another interesting note from Fallas:
Industry insiders are pegging Oswalt as a long shot to be traded, with one baseball official telling the Chronicle that Berkman, 34, commands the better odds of being traded than the veteran right-hander. This is because the perception is the Astros will expect teams to pick up a significant portion — if not all — of Oswalt's salary as well as give up top prospects.

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