Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mets are about to flip a coin

The New York Daily News' Andy Martino explains that, with R.A. Dickey dominating and Cliff Lee off the board, they are trying to decide how best to improve the rotation.

Two Houston Astros, Oswalt and Myers, are also possibilities for New York. The Mets still consider Houston’s asking price for Oswalt prohibitive—the Astros want significant salary relief and top prospects for their ace—but they will continue to monitor the situation in case in changes...

...In terms of dollars and talent, Myers, 29, might be the most appealing option. The righty is owed about $2.5 this season and has an $8 million mutual option for 2011. Lilly, a free agent after this season, is owed about $6 million. Oswalt has about $25 million remaining for this season and next, and a $16 million option for 2012. Westbrook has about $16 million left on a three-year contract that expires after next season.