Thursday, July 8, 2010

McTaggart has a bucketful of notes

In McTaggart's notebook today we see a few things:

Moehler isn't worried about his groin:
"It's nothing that I'm overly concerned about. As far as the timing, it couldn't have come at a better time. I'll have four days off and four days after that [for the All-Star break], and if I do start again, it's going to be on the back end of the rotation, so that's another four days."

Everyone's really excited about Ariel Ovando. Right, Wade?
"Four different scouting reports say this kid is a middle-of-the-order power bat with fast hands, a 30-homer, 100-RBI potential kind of guy with good defensive skills and a strong arm. We'll see. A lot can happen."

Brad Mills likes the lefty Castro in the 6-spot, because Johnson is comfortable at #7:
"It seems like Johnson seems to be a little bit more comfortable in the seven spot. I like to have a left-handed hitter hitting in the sixth spot. It's a combination of things, like when Johnson is swinging the bat better and putting him up there at sixth, but I prefer to have a left-handed hitter like Castro hit sixth. If Johnson continues to swing the bat better at the seventh spot and that fits in with him, that's what we'd like to have happen."

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