Monday, July 12, 2010

Kirk Clark out to wreak some havoc

Kirk Clark ain't messing around.

"Through high school and junior college and at Creighton, I heard every year that I was going to get drafted, and it never happened. I'm here trying to cause a little havoc and let everybody know that they made a mistake...

...For me, there are good days and bad, and I know it's consistency in everything I do that is going to lead me to the next level. I work toward that every day. Playing pro ball is what I want to do."

Clark's biggest issue at this point in the season is the walks. He's allowed 38 hits in 36.1IP, but has allowed 18 walks, as well (the 38 strikeouts are nice). In his last ten games, he's allowed 16H/6ER, with 9K:7BB, but this is inflated by a 3ER outing on July 8.

Overall, he does show promise - the 19 saves show that - but those walks are going to need to come down.