Monday, July 12, 2010

Houston Press sees the Berry dismissal as another PR move

Maybe we're all in the minority, agreeing with the Berry reassigning. Houston Press' Richard Connelly shares his thoughts on the move:

But with Bagwell having the job, Drayton gets to provide a link to the great days of the franchise, and most importantly, it makes it look as if Drayton's actually doing something to improve the club. It's a PR move that hopefully pays off if Bagwell can get Hunter Pence to start laying off of the slider, or if can find someway to return Carlos Lee to hitting relevance.

But the Bagwell hiring is only a superficial PR move, and it gets nowhere to addressing the problems with the Astros. The main problem being that the Astros are an awful team with a horribly constructed roster. And until Drayton dumps Ed Wade and brings in someone with the hint of a clue to run the club, nothing is going to change.