Saturday, July 17, 2010

Josh Banks feels good about his decision, Hooton breaks him down

Banks' hometown paper, Hometown Glenburnie, has a nice little profile on Josh Banks.

"I definitely feel comfortable with my decision to sign with Houston. They have given me the opportunity to go out and start every fifth day, which is all I can ask for. I've found it's a real fair organization. If you perform well and do things right, you will be rewarded."

On that one start in Arlington:
"It's a shame because I got a shot and just didn't have good stuff that day. I've made 18 starts on the season and all but three have been quality. I just wish I'd been able to come through for the Astros when they needed me."

Pitching Coach Burt Hooton:
"Josh has proven that he's a good, solid starter at the Triple-A level, but the real education comes in the big leagues. Josh's best shot is to find a team that will afford him a chance to settle in at the major league level and show his consistency, competitiveness and command. He doesn't have the luxury of making mistakes because he doesn't have the real electric stuff. I've tried to get Josh to cut down on how many different pitches he throws - instead of using six, why not master three. My philosophy is that you pitch with your fastball and occasionally use other stuff to work off it."

"I really like this organization and would love to stay here, but that's up to the front office folks."