Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jim Callis projects Lyles as SP3

Baseball America's Jim Callis answered a question about Jordan Lyles' timetable and projection, and responded:

A year away. More of a good No. 3 for me.


But apparently Rick Sutcliffe, calling the game, said that Lyles could be used as a throw-in in a trade to improve the Astros.

I was unable to watch the game, but can someone confirm this? And would this then confirm that Rick Sutcliffe is a douche?


Anonymous said...

yes he did...they saw the red sox GM and talked about a possible Lee trade with a really good throw in pick of Lyles...but of all the pitchers their he looked the most comfortable a had an idea of pitching not just throwing...could be a great pitcher here in an Astros uni for a long time...

OremLK said...

I think Lyles can be a no. 2 as he finds more consistency and improves his velocity a bit. He's probably not an ace, though.