Friday, July 9, 2010

Javier Vazquez prettier than Roy

Buster Olney challenges (and here) our notion that Roy is behind Door #2 as the most attractive free agent after Cliff Lee:

The Yankees will not have a hard time moving Javier Vazquez if they get Cliff Lee; he moves ahead of Roy Oswalt as the most attractive pitcher on the market, because he is pitching well, he is apparently healthy, and he is cheaper than Oswalt.

Yes, but I doubt the Yankees trade Vazquez to Tampa Bay.


street said...

Yep, read that from Olney earlier. Some ole' tired shit. Insert [random MLB team's player] is much better than [insert Astros star player], and will surely be a sought after commodity over the dredge that is [insert Astros star player].

OremLK said...

If by "pitching well" they mean 5.01 FIP, and by "healthy" they mean "for now".

But Olney is an idiot; not news, I know.