Thursday, July 8, 2010

If that's what the Mets need, then that's fine with us

Ken Davidoff's column today on Newsday describes the Mets' potential acquisition of a top-line pitcher (Lee, Oswalt, etc.) as a necessary step in separating themselves from Bernie Madoff. But trading for Roy wouldn't make "baseball sense," says Davidoff:

If the Mets don't make a trade this month because they can't afford to do so? Then Omar Minaya is wasting not only his own time right now, but also that of many opposing teams' officials.

Minaya and his staff are operating under the belief that they can add payroll. That doesn't mean that Oswalt, owed some $25 million, is coming in return for the top prospects the Astros want. We'd rip such a trade, as it wouldn't make baseball sense.

Can anyone else figure out how it wouldn't make baseball sense to trade for Roy?

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