Monday, July 12, 2010

Do the Padres want play outfield?

Interesting article out of the San Diego Union-Tribune, in which there's one small line discussing Lance Berkman:

Lance Berkman last played the outfield in 2007, but the Padres have been wondering if he’s worth a refresher course. Jermaine Dye hasn’t taken a competitive swing since last October, but the Padres continue to inquire about his interest in a comeback.

Padres' Director of Minor League Operations Mike Wickham:
“We owe it to ourselves and to our fans. We have to do something to give us a chance to score more runs, knowing our pitching is (probably) going to regress a little bit. And we don’t have to give away the farm to do it.”

With Will Venable on the DL, the Padres have Oscar Salazar, Tony Gwynn Jr, and Jerry Hairston JR in the outfield. Would Berkman approve a trade to the Padres? Would the Padres want Berkman - bad knee and all - in LF/RF?

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Reuben said...

How about Hunter Pence for Latos?

In all seriousness, Pence is going to start getting expensive soon, and with some pretty good OF prospects on the farm (and Carlos Less immovable unless the Astros eat many many millions) why not think about trading Pence, who might still be coveted by a lot of teams?