Friday, July 30, 2010

Details starting to emerge on the Berkman deal

Buster Olney has some info (and here) about the financial situation:

The Astros are picking up a lot of the money owed to Lance Berkman in their agreement with the Yankees, and the (Yankees) won't be giving up any major prospects.

We also learn from Mike Axisa that:
Jimmy Paredes was yanked from Charleston's lineup late, he could be on his way to Houston.

If this is true, Paredes was listed by as the Yankees' 29th-ranked prospect, and was an international free agent signing. Paredes is a 21-year old infielder (most of his starts at 2B) hitting .280/.312/.408 for his career. We'll hold off until we find out for sure before we start the analysis.


bigfatdrunk said...

Am I allowed to criticize Wade here?

William said...

Is this the same Buster Olney who just days ago was reporting falsehoods about the Astros demanding too much in prospects and refusing to pay any of Roy Oswalt's remaining salary? That Buster Olney?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Great. Another lopsided deal. Is there a sign hanging in front of MMP that says "Home of the Astros, anybody that wants to stick it to us is welcome"?

rob s said...

I understand the frustration but what do people expect? We have a lot emotionally involved in what were our franchise players but at this point in time we are trading them off their track record and not current day results. Why would these teams take on salary or give us top prospects when they are trading for guys who they hope are rejuvenated with a change of scenery. If we did this 2 to 4 years ago LIKE WE SHOULD HAVE, then these gripes would be warranted. I can't begin to express my sorrow to see oswalt, and potentially as soon as tonight, lance in different uniforms but this team has been stale for a long time. I say let the kids play and hope for lightning in a botle or bad enough to get better draft picks