Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Breaking down the Roy-mors

Here's your daily dose of the Hunt for Roy's October.

The sense I'm getting now is that the chances of the Twins making a deal for Houston's Roy Oswalt are decreasing. That would make Arizona's Dan Haren or the Cubs' Ted Lilly the next options.

Boston/New York:
Nick Cafardo:
The Sox will not go after a starting pitcher, even though it appears the Yankees, who were scooped on Cliff Lee (much to Epstein’s relief), likely will set their sights on someone like Roy Oswalt, who suffered an ankle contusion over the weekend, or Arizona’s Dan Haren, who has not pitched well recently.

NY Post, quoting Brian Cashman:
“I’m not looking for starting pitching. I don’t feel compelled. This is why we have Sergio Mitre.”

The Mets aren't getting Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren at this trading deadline, but they don't need those aces to stay in the playoff race over the next couple of months.

White Sox:
Williams was already saying before Monday’s game that making a deal wasn’t going to be easy with what teams are asking for proven players. With one American League source saying Monday the White Sox were considering more high profile guys like Houston’s Roy Oswalt or Fausto Carmona, over somebody like a Ted Lilly, the price would have been plenty.

Nothing would be better for the Dodgers than to go out before the trade deadline and pick up a top-notch pitcher like Roy Oswalt. But that isn’t likely to happen. Part of it is because of Oswalt’s no-trade contract and the amount of money in it as well as how many prospects would have to go to Houston. But part of the problem in getting Oswalt — or anyone that would improve the Dodgers roster — is still tied up in the divorce proceedings of Frank and Jamie McCourt. If these two can’t even come to an agreement on who owns the team, how likely will general manager Ned Colletti be able to pull the trigger on a decent trade?

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