Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bourn stepping into leadership role. Maybe.

As the Astros turn from the World Series-era into Regroup Mode, Michael Bourn wants to be a leader. But, and this is pretty disconcerting, he's not sure about what will happen next with the Astros:

"I would like to be (a leader). A lot of people have been asking me that lately. I do (want to lead), but I don't want to say too early, because I don't know what the plan is. If (the Astros) are rebuilding, I'm all with it. I'm here for it. I'm not going anywhere. I'll stay here during the rebuilding stage if they let me."

"Michael is the future of the Houston organization. He's one guy they aren't trading. He's definitely deserving of (an All-Star appearance). He's going to be a great player for a long, long time."

Bourn, with more candor:
"The (All-Star break) isn't going to numb (the lack of success). We'll just see what happens when we get back. It is like getting away from your girl friend. Then you have to go back and say, 'Ah, this again.' But I'm just enjoying my All-Star selection and am thankful to be here."

This is very surprising, but in an odd way. Not that The Apparatus should let the players in on what the plan is to move the Astros forward, but it's time to admit that maybe the Astros are just biding their time until the 2008/09 draft classes advance through the system. That's not a terrible way to build, but it basically says to me that the Astros are rudderless until 2012.

If Roy gets traded, and Berkman is bought out (and I think both are likely, if Berkman doesn't get traded himself), the Astros will be taking approximately $40 million off the 2011 payroll. That's great, and all, but then what? Lyon's comment seems to indicate that there are some moves coming - but what does he know? It's not as though Lyon is BFFs with Ed Wade - which is possible, I suppose - and Bourn is left out of the Double Secret Meetings.

Regardless, Bourn's final pulled comment would indicate that he and the other players are growing weary of 2010, and who can blame them? I just hope that 2011 doesn't bring the same mentality.