Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Tal expects talks to heat up tomorrow

Captip to the Crawfish Boxes for linking to Nick Cafardo's Sunday column for the Boston Globe.

Cafardo, talking to Tal Smith:
Smith said he expects to make a deal because there is “considerable interest’’ in Oswalt, with “three or four’’ teams trying to make it happen. Smith felt by tomorrow things should begin to heat up.

Further proof that agent Bob Garber is trying to ensure himself a pretty sweet paycheck:
Those who know Oswalt well have been surprised he’s insisting on the option being picked up, because for their last few seasons he’s put himself in year-to-year mode, almost like Andy Pettitte, though Oswalt is still relatively young.

What about the Yankees?
They have not been linked with Oswalt, but the Yankees usually come out of the blue and make a bid, as they did with Cliff Lee. With Pettitte on the disabled list and Phil Hughes struggling, the Yankees could be a player...

...One Astros official indicated that New York might be too “big time’’ for the quiet Oswalt, and that he may not approve a deal there. But one of his best friends is Pettitte, and according to a baseball friend of Roger Clemens, the Rocket has told Oswalt that New York is a great place to play.