Monday, July 26, 2010

Astros not "anxious" on Myers

Jon Heyman is tweeting that the Astros aren't real anxious to trade Brett Myers:

...Since they expect Oswalt to be gone and need someone. They should, (though).

/Bangs head against wall.

What happens if the Astros can't get Roy to sign off on any trade, and this week have three starting pitchers with value (Roy, Wandy, and Myers), but because they're trying not to lose 100 games, don't trade any of them? How much of your forearm would you chew off?


Joel said...

None of it. It's football season. I can't keep Monday Morning QBing the Astros if they won't listen.

Anonymous said...

When all your fans are screaming to rebuild and trade every asset that is old or nearing the downward hill of their careers, I just don't get their logic. Is McLane so gripped in fear and public opinion, he has owned this team long enough. Just like an aging vet ala C. Lee, it is time to trade you McLane. Hopefully the deal with the Rangers will fall through for Ryan and he will by the Astros! I wish the best for Ryan but I would love for him to be the owner of our team.