Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Astros and the lack of homers

As you know, the Astros are terrible. Joe Sheehan said the 2010 Astros had the "worst offense of my lifetime."

The Astros have hit 48 homers in 83 games. Let's look at just how bad this is:

*The National League average is 75 home runs.
*The Toronto Blue Jays have three players (Bautista, Wells, Gonzalez) who have hit 55 combined.
*This is obviously the lowest total in the Minute Maid Park era.
*The last time the Astros hit this few homers in 83 games was in 1992, when they had hit 46. Still, somehow, those Astros went 81-81. If the Astros were to finish at .500, they would have to finish the season 49-30, or a .671 Win%.

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Darin said...

Houston's team OPS is .634, last in the majors. You have to go all the way back to the strike shortened 1981 season to find a team with a lower OPS (Blue Jays - .617 and Twins - .632).