Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anyone of you, at any moment, could have your elbow implode. Simply by doing nothing.

Or so Geoff Blum would like to remind you:

Sporting News:
Aware of the tittering that greeted the news, Blum cautioned outsiders from thinking it was a freak incident, noting that it's something that could happen to just about any player in the league. The elbow seized up when he was getting dressed. An unfortunate coincidence is all it is.

"There are probably 90 percent of us in the big leagues that have loose bodies floating around. It just so happens that after the game, it tightened up on me. The shirt had nothing to do with the [darn] injury."

Meanwhile, the Examiner wants you to leave Blummey alone:
Blum's elbow was already messed up from his play on the field and it just happened that the range of motion he used while getting dressed caused a "pop." This isn't an embarrassing injury, nor should it be perceived as one. Ultimately, I feel bad for Blum.

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