Friday, July 16, 2010

Ain't nobody what wants Roy's $25 million

So it seems as though there aren't too many teams who want to pick up all of Roy's remaining $25 million, according to Jon Heyman.

It appears no team, not even the Yankees or Red Sox, wants to spend the $25 million left on Oswalt's deal through next season. Plus, some GMs say they are under the impression Oswalt wants his $16 million option for 2012 picked up, which could be a deal killer for many, if not most, teams. And while the Astros have signaled they might be willing to contribute toward that amount, they'd want big-time prospects back to do so. Then there's the matter of Oswalt's no-trade clause. "I hear he only wants to go to a couple teams," one GM said. Oswalt demanded a trade but isn't making it easy.

Heyman also notes the trade value of a couple of other Astros.

He had a big 2009 but has struggled so far this year for the abysmal Astros, leading the league with 11 losses and posting a 4.97 ERA. No word on his availability yet except that Houston is said to consider almost anyone. Some team probably could see a turnaround coming.

Brandon Lyon:
Solid reliever is having a decent year (5-3, 3.66 ERA) but he has a steep contract ($15 million, three years) that runs through 2011, limiting his value.