Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adrian Gonzalez doesn't want the Padres to mess up the team

Good read from the San Diego Union-Tribune on what the Padres need to do to preserve their divisional lead. Adrian Gonzalez isn't interested in sideways moves.

“I think we’re good enough right now to win the division. But do we want to be satisfied with that? Do we want to be happy with just getting there?”

If not, Gonzalez believes the Padres need to add a player or two — another bat and a pitcher. But he also believes the Padres should cautiously advance in that direction. Not every player coming available on the market will be the right piece for the Padres.

“You can’t think you are making things better by messing them up. A sideways move is a negative move. We need to keep this group of guys together and add to it. We believe in each other. That’s why we are where we are.”

The Padres are said by Bill Center (author) to be interested in moving Berkman to left field.

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