Thursday, July 29, 2010

2011 Payroll

Here's who we have on the hook for money in 2011:

Carlos Lee: $19m
Roy Oswalt: $9m
Brett Myers: $8m (mutual option, or $2m buyout)
Brandon Lyon: $5.25m
Lance Berkman: $2m (we'll just go ahead and assume they're buying him out, if they don't trade him first)

1st Year of Arbitration:
Felipe Paulino

2nd Year of Arbitration:
Hunter Pence
Michael Bourn
Matt Lindstrom
Jeff Keppinger
Chris Sampson

3rd Year of Arbitration:
Wandy Rodriguez
Humberto Quintero

4th Year of Arbitration:
Tim Byrdak

So before we get into arbitration, the Astros are on the hook for $43.25m. That's assuming Myers stays next year and the Astros buy out Berkman.

Now, the arbitration eligible players are making a combined $17.255m this year. Let's say the increase is 50% across the board (which is an incredibly roundabout number), the Astros would be on the hook for a total payroll of $69.1m. That doesn't include Happ, Wright, Fulchino, Arias, Norris, Castro, Johnson, Lopez, Manzella, Sanchez, Bogusevic, Wallace, or Bourgeois - all of whom should come in under $500,000 for the year.


John Bateman said...

This is about what I was thinking in terms of payroll next year. Around 75 million maybe up to 78. Still have seen nothing from Wright to believe he is a major league pitcher and Sanchez right now looks better than the other at that position. Not so high on Manzella. But this is where the Astros need to be next year. Low payroll, younger players and hopefully drafting and developing prospects.

Anonymous said...

That sounds horrific.

Jay said...

So if payroll is around 75 mil. How much is drayton looking to spend? 15? 20? 25 million?