Friday, June 25, 2010

Steroids, girl jokes led to fight in Akron bar

We promise not to keep dragging this up, but for the time being, it's interesting reading. Details are emerging as to how exactly three Indians prospects - including Brad Mills' son, Beau - sent the bouncer of an Akron bar to the hospital:

Police were called to a bar on West Exchange Street around closing time, after witnesses reported an off-duty bouncer had been beaten by a group of men who had taunted him about using steroids, and taunted his girlfriend for dating him.

Akron Public Information Officer, Lt. Rick Edwards:
"It just got physical, I mean they got into an argument led into you know, kicks, punches. Our victim basically was knocked to the ground after being punched and kicked, he was kicked in the side, a couple of broken ribs and a punctured lung, was transported by local paramedics here to the hospital where he spent a couple of days in the hospital recovering from those injuries."

Punishment is anything from probation to eight years in prison.