Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Martinez to stay in Lexington all year?

Interesting note from Zach Levine, responding to Deputy Street about the status of J.D. Martinez:

Martinez (probably) staying at (Lexington) whole year. No place, and big jump to (Corpus) and they don't see any need for (Lancaster).

I understand it, but, jeebus. How long does a guy need to hit .360 before he gets to move on? He'll be 23 in August, and even with him on the roster, the average age of a Lexington player is 21-ish. In Lancaster, the average age is 23.1, with a more appropriate 24.8 for Corpus. Hopefully he'll get up to Corpus in 2011, because there's not a reason (as Levine noted) to send him to Lancaster.

The Hooks currently are running an outfield of Shuck, Steele, and Gaston. Only Shuck has an OPS higher than .750 (.757, to be exact), while Steele's OPS is .569 and Gaston's is .658.

We're not advocating the loss of anyone's job, but what is the purpose of holding Martinez behind (age-wise) a level for a full season?