Thursday, June 10, 2010

Keith Law's Day 2 Analysis

Keith Law posted his analysis of Rounds 2-30. What did he say?

The Astros took a few of my favorite selections in Virginia Tech's Austin Wates, who has a first-round bat with questions about his position; right-hander Vincent Velasquez, who's 90-93 with a good changeup; and right-hander Adam Plutko, one of the best command right-handers in the draft with a solid to average fastball of his own. Velasquez (Cal State Fullerton) and Plutko (UCLA) were both seen as tough signs coming into the draft. Penn State catcher Ben Heath can hit but is unlikely to stay behind the plate. Nineteenth-rounder Jacoby Jones may be an impossible sign away from LSU but has a chance to be a first-rounder in 2013 if he shows he can hit better pitching.