Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joel Roza makes us nervous

The Caller Times' Joel Roza has this article in which he breaks down Ed Wade's history in trading his stars mid-season. The verdict? It's not pretty:

The scary part to the two mercy trades he made with Philly is, in both instances, the traded stars won World Series rings with their new teams while the players Wade acquired did not...

...History has played out almost identically for him so far. He takes over a fledgling franchise, piles on smart draft after smart draft while congruently stacking on bad contract and bad trade after bad contract and bad trade. Its things like that which give one reason to believe that the Astros, if they do actually deal away Oswalt, Berkman, Myers and others, won’t get all that they could in any given deal.


Uncle Drayton said...

Don't worry. Eddie didn't have me around guiding him when he was with the Philly. I'm on the case, and I'm going to make us a champion.

Joe said...

Yeah Uncle Drayton, so you can call division titlesm 'championships'. AWESOME! Lame